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Contract Address: 0x344de613df16f7aaaa5c36be68854b66bfa49720

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Dogs are man’s best friends. They silently guard their masters. Their only way to express emotions is to dance their bodies. Dancing dogs came into being.

friendship's original intention was to create an exclusive commemorative coin for dog lovers, and to bring together the power of people from all over the world to protect our friend friendship. Therefore, the project team decided to put 5% of the coins into an exclusive accoun.

which will be used to establish the Dancing Dog Foundation in the future. Provide support within its capacity to dog-loving organizations in need.

Contract Address: 0x344de613df16f7aaaa5c36be68854b66bfa49720

Symbol : friendship

Decimals : 18


The total supply of friendship is fixed and at 100,000,000,000,000,000 friendship , the distribution is as follows:

50% of the tokens have entered the black hole address

After the LP pool is online, it will be permanently locked!

The deflation mechanism, deducting 12% of the handling fee for each transaction to be redistributed.

5% will be used as dividends for adding liquidity pool LP, 5% will be used as dividends for holding coins, 2% will be burned and destroyed, unlimited deflation!


Fast Transactions

Each friendship transaction confirms on chain within few seconds so you dont have to wait to send or receive your friendship.

Global Charities

friendship Spitz project is dedicated to Animal Welfare and is committed to make donations to multiple Global charities for the same.

Full Protection

As the token runs over secure Binance Smart chain , your funds are always safu.

Smart Money

friendship is based on the proven BEP20 standard making its integration easy with any existing Dapps

Secure Wallet

BEP20 allows secure storing of coins in your BSC wallet.

Easy To buy & Sell

You can buy/sell friendship easily in your favorite DEX and SWAP easily.

Development Activity

The friendship development team is working on a unique swap named Finnishwap which is currently in active development and will be launched once the development finishes.

  • 2952.04795041625 BUSD

    Future Total Trading Volume

  • 2

    Future Number of Exchanges

  • 10000000 BUSD

    Future Total friendship Market cap

  • 1400000

    Future Total friendship holders

Our Main Road Map

The Road Map defines what to look forward while hodling friendship.

  • July 2021
    Launch of friendship

    friendship will be launched at a price of $0.000000000002 at the time of initial launch

  • July 2021
    Lisiting on leading BSC SWAPs and DEXs

    The initial funds raised will be used to provide liquidity to major DEXs and SWAPs

  • September 2021
    Launch of friendshipwap

    The development and overall testing of friendshipwap should be finished till September and should be launched

Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the friendship Project.

friendship is a BEP20 token created on Binance Smart Chain to challenge and overcome issues in the current popular Doggo based coins like Shiba and Doge.
BSC offers fast transaction fee but also low transaction fee which enables users to still send low amounts of FPN, on ETH low amount transactions are possible but the fees for those transactions end up being more than the whole value of tokens transferred on the transaction.
BEP20 is simillar standard to ERC20 , while ERC20 standard operates over Ethereum blockchain , and BEP20 is on Binance Smart Chain.
We believe friendship will go to the moon sooner or later , but when , it depends on the community.
We believe that all animals need to be rescued and be treated well , so the charities will be decided on the basis of overall actions done by them , and we will make sure that all animals benefit from the Finnish Spitz and not just Doggos.
friendshipwap is a swapping platform like Pancake swap , which allows users to provide liquidity and earn profit and allow users to swap different BEP20 tokens and peggy tokens at low fees.
The initial funds raised will be used to fund liquidity pools on different swaps, donated to charities and fund the development of friendshipwap.
Initially friendship will be distributed at a fixed price and once the initial sale is over friendship can be bought over different Swaps and Exchanges.

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